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The Royal Literary Fund (RLF) Writing Fellow

RLF Fellows are established professional writers of literary merit, representing a wide range of genres, including biography, translation and scientific writing. In its first ten years, the network of posts has reached every part of mainland Britain, from Aberdeen to Aberystwyth, Belfast to Brighton, involving old and new universities and departments in science and technology as well as in the humanities. Some 225 writers have held posts at 100 different institutions.


Jane FeaverPlymouth University is privileged to welcome Jane Feaver as our RLF Writing Fellow from September 2012. Jane moved to Devon from London in 2001 and published her first novel, According to Ruth, in 2007. Her latest novel, An Inventory of Heaven was published in May 2012. Click here for further details about Jane.

To arrange a tutorial with the Writing Fellow at Plymouth (term time only) go to the information desk in the 'Gateway', Roland Levinsky Building, or phone 01752 587676

To access some excellent resources on learning or for further details on the RLF please visit the RLF website


Previous Plymouth University RLF Writing Fellows.

Tina Pepler was our RLF writing fellow from 2009 to 2012. She began her writing career as a radio dramatist and still loves working in that medium, though she is now also busy on TV and film projects. Projects currently in development include: Outside Child a theatrical film adaptation of June Goodfield's memoir Rivers of Time with director Justin Hardy; a TV comedy drama series which takes a contemporary look at the myth of Cupid and Psyche; a feature film, Fear of Flying - a drama about women who were pilots in World War II; and two radio commissions. For further information on Tina's work please go to Janet Fillingham literary publisher.

Crisis on BBC Radio 4

"Tina Pepler's gripping drama about the volatile world of international aid work"

The drama was broadcast between 20th-24th August. A transcript of the drama will be made available here soon.

Click to see a transcript of Tina's radio play Positive (July 2011). It is a drama commissioned by producer Sara Davies as part of BBC Radio 4's long-running series about medical ethics presented by Joan Bakewell Inside the Ethics Committee.

From 2007 to 2009 Babs Horton was the RLF Writing Fellow at the University. Babs' first book, 'A Jarful of Angels', won the Pendleton May First Novel Award and she was short-listed for the Authors Club Award. 'Dandelion Soup' was published in 2004, 'Wildcat Moon' in 2006 and her latest novel is 'Recipes for Cherubs'.



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