What is it?

The Writing for Assignments E-Library project is a resource to help people learn about writing at university. It includes

  • examples of student essays and other university assignments from a number of subject areas
  • comments from lecturers about why the writing is good - or how it could be improved

How to use it

Use the search boxes on the right to find examples of student writing by subject, level or keyword. To see a wider range of examples search for ‘All’. From the search results page select your choice of text and an example of student writing will then open. Once the text has opened hover your mouse over the coloured speech bubbles on the left. This will highlight sections that lecturers have made comments about. To see these click once on the relevant speech bubble and a comment box will open. NB only one comment box can be open at a time.

The speech bubbles are different colours to indicate the different types of comment. Click on 'what does this type of comment mean?' in any comment box or see the 'Key' for more explanation.

What’s in it for me?

Learning by example is known to be effective. We have only included examples of good writing in the E-library. This means that you can see genuine and successful students’ work, with comments explaining why it is good and, in some cases, how academics thought the writing could be improved. Use this site to hone your skills and develop your understanding of how writing works.

Tell us what you think!

We welcome feedback and comments about how to improve the resource. Please submit feedback by emailing j.hilsdon@plymouth.ac.uk. WrAssE also includes links to other resources designed to help you learn about writing for university study.

Links to resources to help you with your academic writing

WrAssE is released under the terms of Creative Commons Licence.


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